Von der Maas bis an die Memel:

2006-12-28 Aus Von christiankohl

Doitsche Bahn muss sterben. Aber immer der Reihe nach. Live from the business class lounge at Hong Kong Airport. Luxury is bliss.

0. Cologne: Unfortunately my friend suddenly got struck by flight panic (or whatever is the correct term) and could not make the flight. Which is why I’m travelling alone again. And probably why there will be more f-words to come in this log … . So, Wednesday, Cologne train station, 8:45am: train to Amsterdam will be at least 60 minutes late. FUCK YOU. Luckily Daniela was able to drive me to Amsterdam so I did not have to rent a car to get there. Nota bene: If you have an urgent appointment/have to be on time then don’t rely on Deutsche Bahn.

0.1: Schiphol Airport: Okayish. But those security idiots still don’t know how to handle those dangerous liquids properly. Fuck you too.

1. Amsterdam – Hong Kong with KLM: good food, mediocre entertainment only though. And too many French people on the plane. And only blonde women! What a downer.

2. Hong Kong Airport: Apparently, the flight to Auckland tonight is overbooked. But since this is Air New Zealand and not Doitsche Bahn, they know how to handle things properly. Friendly staff offers you a seat on an earlier flight, which actually suits me much better, less time to waste at the airport, more time in Auckland. And access to business class lounge as well. And that’s the reason why I’ll stop writing know, get myself a yummy breakfast and recline in one of those nice massage chairs. Love.