Monat: Dezember 2015

Headed for the ocean

Today, we’ll have a full day of sailing ahead of us. Small boat, no crowds, get away from the Bay of Islands hordes. ☺ Wrestling with sea snakes, sharks, and giant octopus 🐙. The weather is still extremely brilliant, nothing to complain about, even for Germans. I’m still enchanted by the flight experience we had…

Von christiankohl 2015-12-28 Aus


Perfection is what I always strive to achieve. Of course. Naturally. So far, it’s pretty close to it. I may have found the nearly ideal flight times etc to nz. I cannot recall ever having stepped off a 24+ hour flight(s) feeling so relaxed. Easy. The warm and sunny Auckland weather with a light breeze…

Von christiankohl 2015-12-27 Aus