Monat: Oktober 2017

Frankfurt Bookfair 2017

Home of the Nazis. Well, not unexpected really, since the Börsenverein is happy to take the money from disgusting publishers like Kopp Verlag. Good to know that the guest of honour 2018 will be „Deutsches Reich“, as the new bookfair director Joseph. B. Höcke has recently announced. In my bookfair microcosmos, I only became aware…

Von christiankohl 2017-10-19 Aus

Broken Promises

So sorry. Tremendously sorry. Have broken my promise to blog more often again. But trying to make up for it now that the rainy season approaches. It’s just that, ah, nevermind. So, last night we had quite a fantastic dinner at „Richard“ (Köpenickerstr. 174, Kreuzberg). There’s so many things I liked about it, they would…

Von christiankohl 2017-10-18 Aus