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Dass deine Mutter ein Nilpferd ist, macht dich noch lange nicht zum Ägypter!

Danke für 15 tolle Jahre!

15 Jahre und 2 Monate hat Wooster unser Leben bereichert! Chaos, Anarchie, Niedlichkeit, Neugier, Flauschigkeit, Wuselei, Schnuffeligkeit und Kuscheligkeit galore! Am Freitag ist er leider in die ewigen Beagle-Jagdgründe gegangen und wird den großen kosmischen Knochen jagen. RIP und danke für alles!

Von christiankohl 2024-05-27 Aus

11 Almograve – Vila Nova de Milfontes

Home stretch! This was actually supposed to be shorter, but the ferry did not run (does not exist anymore) so we walked across the bridge at Milfontes after all. In a way, I was glad we did. Yes, it’s a few minutes with lots of cars passing you by (but safely separated, no worries), but…

Von christiankohl 2024-01-15 Aus

10 Zambujeira do Mar – Almograve

Well, well, well. We enjoyed our last rest day in Zambujeira not doing much at all. Explored the beaches and parts of the coast to the North, ice cream, pastelaria, and a wonderful sunset. The day after saw us walking the last long stretch of our tour, along the coast to Almograve. This is really…

Von christiankohl 2024-01-15 Aus

09 Odeceixe – Zambujeira do Mar

Leaving Odeceixe requires walking along a few km of road again, but fortunately there’s no traffic here – at least not in November as the road ends in a dead end at the northern side of the beach. I can imagine this being different during main season. It’s still a nice walk with the river…

Von christiankohl 2023-12-27 Aus

08 Aljezur/Rogil – Odeceixe

Aljezur. The second-to-last stretch walking from Arrifana is along the road, so not too exciting, fortunately the last 20km are off road again. I was looking forward to reaching Aljezur for a couple of days because there’s a gelateria here that was open, according to their website. They were also open according to the sign…

Von christiankohl 2023-12-08 Aus

07 Arrifana – Aljezur

Arrifana has an interesting layout, it’s a bunch of settlements that are layered like an onion. And if you’re on foot, it’s not so pretty to get from the ‚beach zone‘ to the more inland zone (Vale da Telha). You have to walk on the road for a few km to reach this part and…

Von christiankohl 2023-12-08 Aus

06 Carrapateira – Arrifana

The good thing about there being no breakfast in Carrapateira is that we got an early start! 😁 Also, There’s no need to follow the official detour route along the road, it’s easy easy to walk down to the beach and cross unless the weather is truly intimidating. It’s not only shorter but also soooo…

Von christiankohl 2023-11-26 Aus

05 Vila do Bispo – Carrapateira

Vila do Bispo is not very exciting. We stayed at the Hotel Mira Sagres, which was ok but also offered the bleakest hotel room I’ve ever seen. But clean. On the plus side, there’s a fantastic restaurant in town, one of the best on this trip, especially for folks who don’t like to kill or…

Von christiankohl 2023-11-26 Aus

04 Sagres – Vila do Bispo

Where there’s sunshine, there’s rain. We had already explored the coast around Sagres on our rest day and we didn’t feel like walking besides the road for 8km,so we took a taxi to Cabe São Vicente and started our hike from there. The Cabe is much hyped but physically disappointing. I get the geographical and…

Von christiankohl 2023-11-26 Aus

03 Salema Beach – Sagres

One of the longest stages, also one of the most rewarding. Majestic cliffs, fine beaches, sun, wind, and waves. Another great stage, one of my faves so far! We took a little shortcut, you can walk from Praia da Figueira to Praia das Furnas on the beach if the tide and conditions are right. We…

Von christiankohl 2023-11-23 Aus