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Dass deine Mutter ein Nilpferd ist, macht dich noch lange nicht zum Ägypter!


Looking at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, lots of people have written (are writing/will be writing) clever stuff about it. I’m asking myself the question: How is this different from the 2003 invasion of Iraq? That was also a sovereign country which was attacked and invaded by foreign powers. Why were none of the countries that…

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Morning New Disease

Sometimes, it’s easier to find a quote than trying to describe things with your own words … . So, fucking Sars-Cov-2 finally caught up with me, despite all precautions. Fuck you, government, for not protecting me sufficiently. Anyway, I had all three shots, am relatively fit and healthy, and it still hit me like a…

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Boots and Braces

Ich denke, es sollte ein Gesetz geben, dass jedes Blog mindestens einen Beitrag mit dieser Überschrift haben muss. Ich hab wahrscheinlich 100 😀 . Fuck me. Was passiert so? Nüscht viel. Jeder Tag, den man in Berlin/D verbringt, überzeugt mich mehr davon, wie scheiße das hier alles ist. Ist aber auch nicht neu. Zum Geld…

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Section 08: Valle Gran Rey – Chipude

After two off-days in VGR we were back on the trail again, climbing roughly one k up to Chipude. We started relatively early, shortly after sunrise. Unless you want to really show how tough you are, I suggest that this is the best time of day to undertake this climb. You’re mostly in the shade,…

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