Monat: Februar 2020

GBI forever

Below some more pictures from GBI, our new favourite spot in NZ. Well, so says the Reisebegleitung at least, I still rate Ohope a bit higher because there is real fruit ice cream in Whakatane, but not on GBI. 😀 Medlands Beach is simply the best, but the other views are not too bad, either.

Von christiankohl 2020-02-01 Aus


Things kinda got out of hand, no reliable internet for more than a week. So I’m giving up on chronological order here, switching to pure stream of consciousness. Call me James.Fuck yeah, we did some nice hiking this time. The track I’ve posted earlier, the loop track around Punakaiki, is not even an „official“ track,…

Von christiankohl 2020-02-01 Aus