Monat: Januar 2010

Up and away

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! We’ll be off for a couple of weeks. leaving Berlin today for Frankfurt, then to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow, Auckland->Wellington->Picton->Kenepuru Sound on Sunday. I’ll probably post shocking pictures of naked sheep and other inter-species encounters here. Love you all,christian

Von christiankohl 2010-01-28 Aus

Another wasted day

Beautiful sunshine, chilling winds. My entry for the proust summarizing competition would probably be: a very nice saturday morning. All was well: got up, had breakfast, finished the book I was reading, had sex with the dog, went out shopping. Und was passiert: Der Gemüseverkäufer erzählt mir gleich mal, dass Pizarro ausfällt. Fucking hell! Die…

Von christiankohl 2010-01-23 Aus