Monat: Januar 2017

Lake St Clair National Park

We got lucky with the weather, again. After a nice leg stretcher halfway round the lake we took advantage of the brilliant weather and did the Mt Rufus Circuit the next day. What can I say, best hike of this trip! Not particularly exhausting, but wonderful views to all sides and great stretches of wildflowers…

Von christiankohl 2017-01-22 Aus


Corinna is in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the Tarkine, an area full of beautiful temperate rainforest, rivers, and wild wild coastline. Corinna used to be a logging town, and has now been converted into a low key eco wilderness thing. We had a fantastic cabin, superclean, superspacious, with windows right on…

Von christiankohl 2017-01-21 Aus

Some ruminations on Tassie cuisine

One thing I found rather disappointing was the food in Tassie. All the advertisements and the big words, but at the end of the day you get chips and wedges as a vegetarian. Seafood is usually top notch everywhere, meat already more problematic because a lot of the chefs apparently lack the skills to prepare…

Von christiankohl 2017-01-21 Aus

Menschliche Abgründe

I just found out, after all these years, that the Reisebegleitung favors Sylvester, not Tweety. What the fuck? The bloody cat? Das ist ein charakterlichischer Abgrund. Ich weiß noch nicht, wie ich damit umgehen werde. Und was Kylie dazu sagt?

Von christiankohl 2017-01-18 Aus

Gay Australia

I’ve shed some light on gay living in Oz in my posts from our QLD and NT trip in 2015 already. But here in Tassie they’re taking it to a whole new level. And I’m glad to see that the society has evolved and progressed so far! The latest thing in the Tassie gay community…

Von christiankohl 2017-01-18 Aus

Cradle Mountain

The weather still held the next day, so we decided to head for Cradle Mountain Peak, taking the Overland Track route from Ronny Creek, via Marion’s Lookout, and then circled back via Face Track, Lake Wilks Track, and Dove Lake track. Not a cloud in the sky, brilliant weather, and no wind either. This is…

Von christiankohl 2017-01-15 Aus