Monat: Dezember 2012

Gandalf the Pedophile

Driving down south to Kerikeri was beautiful: we took the time to take the scenic coastal route, visiting gazillions of beautiful beaches and inlets. Bliss and joy. KK itself is very nice of course as well, real fruit icecream, need I say more. On a rainy Saturday afternoon we went to Ngawha hot springs, which…

Von christiankohl 2012-12-26 Aus

end {strange bowel movements} start {summer holiday}

Ahipara, 90 Mile Beach, Northland, New Zealand Did I say it already? Fuck Cathay Pacific. They haven’t yet managed to reply to my complaints. Nevermind. Life’s too short anyway. Summer in NZ has been great so far! I somehow managed to drive from Auckland to Ahipara on Wednesday although I had not slept at all,…

Von christiankohl 2012-12-22 Aus

fuck cathay pacific

I really didn’t expect this to happen. We flew from HKG to SYD on Sunday evening. They served dinner shortly after takeoff. So far so good. Food didn’t look good, didn’t taste good, nothing like the stuff on the first leg. But I was famished and thought, hey, it’s airline food after all, not Gordon…

Von christiankohl 2012-12-18 Aus

Hong Kong, crazy but nice

Yo. From the city where they think „last Christmas “ is a great song. Especially so when it’s really hot outside. They have crazy Xmas decorations everywhere, everything displaying fake Arctic themes seems to be cherished by the locals. Well for my part, I’m happy with 25 degrees in December. Went to Hong Kong park,…

Von christiankohl 2012-12-16 Aus

Hong Kong im winter

Yeah. So mag ich Winter. 22 grad und sonnig. That's how  it goes. Cathay premium eco was pretty fucking awesome, very comfy and great service. HK is nice, wish you could transplant a little bit of  their service attitude to germany  … .

Von christiankohl 2012-12-15 Aus