Monat: Oktober 2019

Winter is coming

This is why we need Ginger juice! Ginger juice for the win! Ginger juice ‚til I die! Ginger, ginger, ginger! Makes me happy and hyperactive, my hair slick and shiny, my skin soft and beautiful! Add some lemon to make me even more happy and hyperactive! Hyper hyper! Add some chili to achieve true bliss…

Von christiankohl 2019-10-22 Aus

Last time to see me before I die

Well. Went to see John Cleese at the Admiralspalast the other day. Well. Not really the other day, more like four weeks ago. But with Frankfurt bookfair looming, may I be excused for not posting in a timely manner? Please. I’ll be a good boy. So, John Cleese. Well. Hmmm. I thought the performance lacked…

Von christiankohl 2019-10-22 Aus