Monat: April 2019

Tod und Hass dem FCB

Wie immer. Same story. Schiri bestochen. Und die widerlichen Ekelpakete aus München, unfair und unsportlich wie immer. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn jetzt kurz vor Schluss wenigstens jemand noch den Lewandowski, Coman, Müller, James vom Platz tritt. Ich will das Kniegelenk splittern hören. Macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht.

Von christiankohl 2019-04-24 Aus

LISP forever!

This is pretty cool – looks like I need to freshen up my LISP skills after a veeeeery long hiatus! 🙂

Von christiankohl 2019-04-19 Aus

Hate is just a four letter word

I’m writing about Manchester actually. Quite a nice little town I must say. So no hate at all really.We went there last weekend to see Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (and Pop Will Eat Itself) perform at the Ritz, to see an old friend, and to do some sightseeing. Like a last chance to see before the…

Von christiankohl 2019-04-18 Aus

Fuck Religion

Ooh, everybody’s crying about the Notre Dame fire. I think it’s good. Churches, and especially big ones like this, are symbols of (century long) oppression. They should all be torn down. And execute the priests while you’re at it, too.

Von christiankohl 2019-04-16 Aus