Monat: April 2015

Lamington National Park

I think we’ve never had such a smooth arrival before. Plane was fifteen minutes ahead of schedule, no queues St immigration, baggage out immediately (thank you my Greek frineds), no customs hold up… Picked up car and sim card immediately from arrivals hall within another few minutes, 15mins drive to accommodation, brush teeth, go to…

Von christiankohl 2015-04-29 Aus

First leg, no disasters so far

We made it. We were on time at the airport this time. 🙂 what a feat of German efficiency and punctuality. And even better, we made it to FRA ahead of time, with five hours to kill until the next flight to SIN. Thanks to our Greek friends of Aegean we’re enjoying the senator lounge, catching…

Von christiankohl 2015-04-25 Aus

Age of Ultron

The best thing about this movie: I can write about before having seen it. Commercials are about to start, but I already know that this is the greatest movie ever! Ever! The greatest. I’m sooooooo excited. I love it already. I love the world.

Von christiankohl 2015-04-23 Aus

Unbelievable pt 2

Well, the BA and Tegel airport morons really managed to fuck this up. My luggage never left the airport but could not be retrieved since a) too much personnel is on sick leave and b) those that are working really don’t want to work too hard. Take it easy, because THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK…

Von christiankohl 2015-04-11 Aus


This will sound like a very cheap movie script. But it’s fucking real. So I was supposed to fly from Berlin to Portland, Oregon today, through London and Seattle. We’re standing at the gate, waiting to board, when they make the announcement that the flight has been cancelled. Fuck yeah. So we’re supposed to pick…

Von christiankohl 2015-04-10 Aus