Monat: November 2007

Jehova! Jehova!

„Intercultural communication skills“ or „cultural knowledge“ is an often overrated, but sometimes it’s really a good idea to remember where you are. An English teacher has been sentenced to fifteen days in prison in Sudan because she named a teddy-bear „Mohammed“. Fair enough. I don’t give a shit. What I do care about is the…

Von christiankohl 2007-11-30 Aus

Jurica Vranjes and Petri Pasanen for President

Der Tagesspiegel weiß: Lange Zeit, bevor die Nationalmannschaft immer mehr in diese Rolle hineingewachsen ist, stand vor allem Werder für das Gute und Schöne im deutschen Fußball. In den besten Momenten konnte sich die Mannschaft in einen Rausch spielen. Gegen Real kämpfte sie sich am Ende in einen Rausch. Korrekt. Endlich kämpfte sie mal. Vielleicht…

Von christiankohl 2007-11-30 Aus

New Year’s Eve

Now here one for the Freudians amongst you: This is what New Year’s Eve will look like for me this year (again). Just for weeks to go! Friendly New Zealand instead of cold Germany. At least for four weeks. Love, peace, and harmony.

Von christiankohl 2007-11-25 Aus

The Enemy is back!

Ich sehe es ja durchaus kritisch, wenn Helden meiner Jugend auch heute noch Alben machen, aber es gibt positive Ausnahmen: Public Enemy – How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???. Who would have thought? Chuck D as powerful as on „It takes a nation of millions …“, Professor Griff, Terminator…

Von christiankohl 2007-11-25 Aus

Winter, Tears, and the best people

It’s winter again though my calendar still tries to convince me otherwise. Winter means cold, wet, dark. It also means hot chocolate, cake, and heaps of cinnamon. Which more than makes up for dark & wet. Not sure about the cold yet. In the last couple of months I’ve been so busy I didn’t get…

Von christiankohl 2007-11-24 Aus

Eating out in Berlin

Since I spend nearly all of my spare time eating I can recommend quite a few restaurants in Berlin. Here we go, be nice, enjoy: Berliner Kafferösterei: Excellent coffee and chocolate, excellent confectionery, nice atmosphere, friendly people. Definitely a must-visit. I practically live there, they should have my portrait on the wall by now. Besides…

Von christiankohl 2007-11-23 Aus

Ich lieg in der Sonne, du in der Gerichtsmedizin

Envy is a strange emotion: everybody experiences it more or less regularly but people seldom admit it. I’ll therefore once again sacrifice some of my precious time to offer my readers a small piece of free emotional research of their deep selfs. In a couple of weeks I’ll be enjoying this view: Nice, eh? Since…

Von christiankohl 2007-11-17 Aus

Truth hurts

The „crisis“ of the music industry has been filling newspapers, blogs, magazines, and books for some years now. For all those in need of a summary, Berlin daily „Der Tagesspiegel“ features a nice article. For those even more in need of a summary, I’ll just cite the most relevant passage. After all, it is quite…

Von christiankohl 2007-11-17 Aus

Live on St Patrick’s Day

Mal im Ernst: Wer kauft oder hört so eine Scheiße? (Dropkick Murphys) Sind das dieselben Leute, die zu Hause Hooliganvideos gucken aber noch nicht einmal wenigstens vernünftiges Sparring irgendwo absolviert haben? Was anderes: Saturday morning. Nachdem ich eine Kuschelattacke des Beagles überlebt habe, beginnt die Spielvorbereitung. Und aus Zeitmangel auch die Nachbereitung. Erstmal die Vorbereitung:…

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