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Morning New Disease

Sometimes, it’s easier to find a quote than trying to describe things with your own words … . So, fucking Sars-Cov-2 finally caught up with me, despite all precautions. Fuck you, government, for not protecting me sufficiently. Anyway, I had all three shots, am relatively fit and healthy, and it still hit me like a…

Von christiankohl 2022-03-01 Aus

Lick my buttthole

I’m really a very creative guy and being in Australia brings out the best in me. Dunno why, but that’s just the way it is. And my creativity has always been oppressed, first by my parents, now by the Reisebegleitung. But I will not give up! Never. So, I’ve had this brilliant idea and will…

Von christiankohl 2019-03-02 Aus

Important motherfuckers

You know how you can tell that someone is really important? They have phone conversations in the Lufthansa lounge and share the contents with all of their peers. Since their peers are doing the same, this almost ensures a degree of Babylonian confidentiality. 😁 It’s only the Germans doing this, of course. Embarrassing. Waiting for…

Von christiankohl 2019-02-20 Aus

No more comments!

I’ve turned off comments for obvious reasons … dunno what Google does with the login data and so I’d rather deactivate that then go through all the bullshit required after May 25. This is a private blog, no advertising, no Google Analytics or anything. I don’t want your data, go away please.

Von christiankohl 2018-05-21 Aus

Bali & Singapore

Singapore Airlines, the bestest airline in the world, has launched a couple of new routes using their new A-350 and there were some niiiiiice ticket prices around for the inauguration. 🙂 So we hit the „book now“ button and scored a nice short holiday, which we spent mostly in Bali and also a couple of…

Von christiankohl 2017-05-20 Aus

Fascism on the rise, again

That’s nothing new, it is, after all, an inevitable consequence of capitalism. But not necessarily one we need to support. So we’ve canceled our USA vacation this summer, we’ll be roaming through the home country with Wooster instead. A lot cheaper, too. But it is certainly fascinating how all these useless people are destroying the…

Von christiankohl 2017-03-09 Aus

Lake St Clair National Park

We got lucky with the weather, again. After a nice leg stretcher halfway round the lake we took advantage of the brilliant weather and did the Mt Rufus Circuit the next day. What can I say, best hike of this trip! Not particularly exhausting, but wonderful views to all sides and great stretches of wildflowers…

Von christiankohl 2017-01-22 Aus


Corinna is in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the Tarkine, an area full of beautiful temperate rainforest, rivers, and wild wild coastline. Corinna used to be a logging town, and has now been converted into a low key eco wilderness thing. We had a fantastic cabin, superclean, superspacious, with windows right on…

Von christiankohl 2017-01-21 Aus