Monat: Januar 2014

Masturbating German Christians

What a disgusting title, right? But first things first. We made it to NZ after all. When I wrote that nothing could stop us now in my last post I kinda forgot to add ‚except my own stupidity’….. . Ever missed a flight because you misread the boarding pass? How stupid is that? :O well,…

Von christiankohl 2014-01-31 Aus

Off to warmer shores!

Five hours ‚till take-off. Backpack’s ready, boarding pass is printed, kindle is loaded, nothing can stop us now. 🙂Our timing proved to be excellent now that real winter finally hits Berlin we’re getting our sweet arses out of the cold and into the sun. Doha-Melbourne-Christchurch, and then off into the mountains for some leg stretching.…

Von christiankohl 2014-01-25 Aus