Long time, no see

2007-12-12 Aus Von christiankohl

What a week. I’m just counting the days ‚til x-mas. Not because I’m particularly fond of celebrating the supposed birthday of a semi-fictional character but rather because because I’m on my last legs. We’re right in the middle of a pretty complicated migration project (CMS), it’s crunch time, and my employer tries to throw as many obstacles in my path as possible. Definitely time to move on next year. Anyway, I think I made the most out of the last days:

A terrific – and from a hormonal point of view „mind-blowing“ – concert by those lovely Canadians last Tuesday. Tried to see K.I.Z. on Saturday but that didn’t work, see next entry. Went to Home of the Lame this Tuesday. Am so tired right now. Just one more weekend to survive. Three x-mas parties. One Kafeerösterei event. Leave for Trier on the 23rd. Get back on the 25th. Leave for NZ on the 27th. Relax.

The upside of things is that I managed to settle nearly all organizational issues for my holidays in October. Wouldn’t be able to do that now. Good thing that being so super godlike male-ish (I kinda like this coinage) I only need to pack one pair of underpants and one pair of socks. This will at least guarantee me lots of space on every means of public transport I chose to travel with.