Day 18-23: Christchurch and surroundings

2008-01-15 Aus Von christiankohl

Gestern – i.e. monday – evening we arrived in Christchurch. Hostel is Foley Towers, which I selected mainly because of its many links to my beloved Farty Towels. Or was it Fawlty Towers? Whatever. I give them 85%, no towels, room is clean, but a bit vintage. Kitchen could be cleaner. And there’s way to many hippies here, I wish I’d brought my Skrewdriver CD.

Anyway, I feel obliged to post another photo, this was is from New Year’s Eve. Beautiful sunset in the Hokianga, Sylvester on the beach. Just one hour before, just when we were walking down to the beach, someone crashed his car into the tree in front of our hostel and died. Happy new year. We couldn’t get back into our room for hours because the rescue or rather salvaging operation took some time … .

I call these photos „envy shots“ btw. 🙂