That’s entertainment (II)

2008-03-10 Aus Von christiankohl

Am Samstag Abend gab es im Admiralspalast Nick Hornby zu hören. Feine Sache, wir haben sogar noch Tickets bekommen, die immerhin 20 € kosteten. Unfortunately, the BVG dickheads were still on strike so we had to take a taxi to get there. Another 15 €. I’ve never before been to the Admiralspalast and I’ll definitely never go there again. What a shithole. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. The Veranstaltung was „teilbestuhlt“ which is always a good excuse for overselling an event. Only about half of the crowd was able to sit down. I tried sitting on the floor but I’m too old for that. There was a cold draught and by back was aching anyway. So we stood around for an hour … . Bullshit. Nick Hornby’s reading was nice and funny and very enjoyable, but unfortunately he had some blonde-haired German gay porn star („Matthias Schweighöfer„) or else with him who read the German parts and that was just terrible. Überbetont is the German word, like a child trying to please his teacher. We left after one hour and spent another 16 € on a taxi for the way home. Resumé: We wasted a lot of money to listen to some 20 minutes of Nick Hornby reading. We were uncomfortable, we fucking hate the Admiralspalast, and we do think it was a big rip-off. Fuck you, Admiralspalast, fuck you, Veranstalter. Fuck you, deutscher Verleger for choosing this Schweighöfer guy. Fuck all of you.