New York II

2008-07-03 Aus Von christiankohl

Get on the stage. That has nothing to do with NY, it’s just the song that’s playing while I’m writing these lines. Spermbirds in New York.

The last couple of days were quite interesting, I didn’t see much daylight but met a lot of people and learned a lot of things. Today was the first day I really had some time to spend on my own. After I’d had a look at Times Square aka Disneyland last night I decided to walk the other direction today and check out the UN quarter. Impressing. It’s bleedin‘ hot and humid by the way, just the way I like it best. And it’s hard to imagine the amount of traffic and people that are on the street, regardless which time of the day. London is a quiet little village compared to this. It’s actually best to walk around since all other options are either too slow (cab) or too sticky (Sub). But since my hotel is right at Grand Central I’m within walking distance of most things. Tomorrow is 4th of July, that’s gonna be veeeery interesting, I guess. I’ll check out Soho/Noho, FD, and Brooklyn tomorrow. Or hand around Central Park, we’ll see.

Flying Business Class helped a lot to ease light/time adjustment, but British Airways has a lot of catching up to do. Air New Zealand has better entertainment in Economy than BA in BC. Nevermind, since my return flight leaves NY at 19.30 I’ll probably sleep though most of it.

Shoutouts to Europe, rock on.