26.12.2008 – 28.12.2008: Auckland

2008-12-29 Aus Von christiankohl

Yep. Should’ve known better. Apparently I lost my sunglasses on the bloody plane. While the loss itself is of course painful since I’d become quite emotionally attached to them and they’d also cost a fortune, the worst thing about it is that I can’t really blame anyone else for it. Fuck that, no one to get mad at. Luckily, I was provided with a target for my anger on Sunday. Went to pick up the car early in the morning and the bloody idiots at the rental company didn’t have one. They drove us out to the airport to pick up a car from another company … we eventually got a car. A shit car. Fucking vintage. Fuck ACE Rental Cars. Fuck ACE Rental Cars. Fuck ACE Rental Cars. Well, just hope the thing won“t break down.

All I know is that I’ll probably shit in a bag and hide it under the back seat when I return the car.