07.01. – 09.01.: Taupo again

2009-01-11 Aus Von christiankohl

Nochmal ein kleiner Stopp zum saeubern in bloody Taupo. Dieses Mal in der Tiki Lodge, nothing to write home about. No charme, rather anonymous. But not too bad either – you can get better value for money deals at Rainbow Lodge for example though.

We dined at Pimentos, another restaurant I highly recommend. Interesting new Kiwi style cuisine, very fresh and very delicious! Chilled lime souffle for dessert. Yum. A couple of days before we dined at „The Brantry“ which was equally delicious and well worth the money. In fact, both places were ridiculously cheap given the current exchange rate. Eating put in NZ is definitely getting better and better and becoming more affordable, a rare constellation. 🙂