2009-10-18 Aus Von christiankohl

After quite a long absence fate has finally struck and handed me some time … grrrrrr. The bloody plane is delayed and I’m stuck at Saarbrücken airport where there is nothing, not even power for my laptop.

I’m just returning from the Buchmesse and a short visit to my parents. Buchmesse was inspiring and interesting – but most German publishers still seem to have no clue how the handle the change, the here and now, nevermind the future.

There was some good food to be had on Tuesday and Thursday thanks to the guys from Thomson Reuters. I appreciate that, really. And thanks to a company from Birmingham, Alabama I can now add Bad Soden im Taunus to my Where I’ve been list on facebook. Ain’t that great?

Werder Bremen is continuing on its lucky/victorious streak. Finally, we seem to have found the right balance between offense and defense. Let’s see how things turn out after the winterpause.