2010-02-03 Aus Von christiankohl
Somehow, the so-called smartphone swallowed my first blogpost, so here“s another trz from a landline.

We made it. Sun is shining. Birds are singing. And no, I’m not hugging trees cuz I’m busy with the English kezboard lazout. fuck that. Yep, we had a nice trip so far and one that couldn’t have worked in anz other coubntrz I reckon. Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland was more than two hours late which seriously jeopardized our domestic connection to Wellington. But we made it – 50 minutes for getting out of the plane, picking up our luggage, clearing immigration, clearing biosecurity, teleporting to the domestic terminal. That’s probably a new world record and was only possible because the immigration and security people understood our hurry and actually helped us. They’d probably shot us straight away in Frankfurt or London, or shipped us to some waterboarding resort in the US.

But here, everything works out in the end. Got to Wellington. We were supposed to flz straight to Picton from there but got diverted to Blenheim because of too much wind apparently. So we landed in Blenheim, got picked up by a bus, driven to Picton. On the bus we learned that the guy running the Picton floatplane, which was supposed to take us to our final destyination (is that copzrighted???) Hopewell Lodge in the Kenepuru Sound, wasn’t flzing either (because of the wind) but had already notified the airline which had taken us to Blenheim and they again had arranged for the last water taxi to wait for us and dropped us right off at the pier and then, after only one more change of boats