the cult of the tanmaster

2010-02-12 Aus Von christiankohl

Some people have – rightfully – wondered how that one foot swastika
*and* the word „alabama“ in letters six inches high can possibly fit
on my chest. Well, I don’t blame you. It is hard to believe but i’m so
muscular and have obtained so many medals and honours that i had to
grow an extra piece of chest. So that’s that. Other aspects of the
cult around my person are not so funny anymore. I can hardly move
without security anymore. Where it before only the gorgeous beautiful
women who wanted to touch the tanmaster’s body the secret is now out
and everybody wants a piece of me. Well, all the rumours are true of
course. But just because i can heal most diseases by touch and babies
grow up to be a thousand times more intelligent when i kiss them on
the forehead that doesn’t give the public the right to harass me.
Too much sun, you say? We’ve been up the rob roy glacier valley today.
Amazing views, good walk, perfect weather, and lots of funny and some
furry animals.

The tanmaster is done for today and has to fend off another bunch of
virgins who want to sacrifice themselves for me … . Life can be
pretty tough.