Bored to death

2010-06-04 Aus Von christiankohl

You know, this might sound strange. But I“m actually at a complete loss about what to do with the few seconds of spare time I got in San Francisco. I think this is a very boring city and I don’t get the hype. Well, of course, I’ve you got truckloads of money you can buy a condo with bay views and get a new hooker girlfriend every second week but I do not need to become a follower of the Church of German Philosophy to not like that. Was that a long enough sentence to satisfyi your intellectual demands?

I’ll probably go back to my hotel room and read a book.

Sunday I will try out Golden Gate Park and see how many rules and regulations they have managed to create there to prevent you from enjoying it.

Wow, guess I’m a little negative today. Don’t worry, I’m flying back on Monday.