Something completely different

2010-09-13 Aus Von christiankohl

Now, all the commentators are going crazy about the fact that the US beat Turkey to become Basketball World Champion even without Bryant and James. But as everybody knows, it’s because those bloody egozockers where missing that they managed to win their first title since 1994.

I used to admire the NBA when I was a kid, watched what I could but since the mid/end-nineties, US basketball completely lost its appeal to me. It was just athletics and ego-boosting: Never mind that the team lost if only I score my triple double etc. And you saw the results at the World Cup and Olympic Games. They had no means against well-organised teams from Serbia, Lithuania, Spain, Argentina.

And please, I will kill the next person to compare Bryant or James to MJ or MJ. The MJs were no egozockers and were far better that those losers ever will be.