2012-05-28 Aus Von christiankohl

Obesity. Somehow that’s the word that comes to my mind most frequently as we travel through Colorado and Utah. And I read somewhere that Colorado it’s supposed to be the «fittest» state … . Well, amazing. You really have to get up between five and six in the morning, otherwise the trails are no fun and completely overrun. Not that most people would get very far because they are ill equipped and unfit, but they make enough nose to chase all the wildlife away. And most people round here don’t seem to know the basic hiking etiquette as well. But it’s still great fun, we get up early, enjoy the hikes and views and relax. Another strange thing are the tall ratings. We’ve done a couple of trails rated ’strenuous‘ but really don’t know for whom they would be strenuous. My grandmother perhaps. But then again, every trail where you have to walk more than hundred yards is strenuous if you weigh four hundred pounds, which is the estimated average weight. We hiked up twin sisters peak today for example which was described as being really steep and arduous, but it really felt like a stroll in the park, even at eleven and a half thousand feet. Maybe we German nazis are simply super fit. did I mention that I felt a lot like Rommel in the desert, good ol‘ desert fox, harhar.

I was wearing my beautiful brand new Captain America shirt on Saturday and Sunday because it is memorial day weekend and it fits in well with all the flags. 🙂  people love me here in Estes park now, it’s really easy to make the locals happy.

Tomorrow we’ll be up early again for some more lakes before we’re off to boulder and then back to the Reich on Wednesday.