Where’s your birth certificate?

2012-05-31 Aus Von christiankohl

We are near the end of our vacation here in the US of A. Currently hanging out in the Admiral’s Club Lounge at Denver airport and waiting for our flight. We got a complimentary upgrade to business class, which is very nice of British Airways. Thank You!

Now, the past two weeks were really great. I will post a detailed report on the weekend, along with some great photos. We started out in Denver, moved on to Buena Vista, the Great Sand Dunes NP, Mancos/Mesa Verde, Monticello/Canyonlands, Moab/Arches, Montrose/Black Canyon, Glenwood Springs, Rocky Mountain National Park and finished our trip in style, in Boulder. If I had to chose one city to live in in the US, Boulder would be a very likely candidate.

Great weather all of the time, no serious injuries. We only got lost in the desert once. 🙂 I killed five rattlesnakes with my psychic powers and subdued one black bear with a mata leao. Another black bear ran away when I told him that I had a BJJ blue belt, hahaha. The only animals I’m really afraid of are squirrels – they form gangs, they attack from behind, they are mean, vicious, and hard to handle in an infight. Am I crazy? Maybe too much sun.