Iron Sky Tour 2012

2012-06-03 Aus Von christiankohl

15.05. TXL to DIA

Accommodation: Victorian Holiday Chalet B&B, East Colfax Ave, Denver.
Food: Naked Pizza; Cook’s Fresh Market; The Market at Larimer.
The flight from TXL to LHR was delayed again, this time due to bad weather though, so not anybody’s fault really. We still managed to make the connection to DIA, even found time to grab some food in the lounge before running to the gate. The flight to DIA was in Premium Eco, the whole thing being a companion voucher/mile redemption ticket. BA’s planes are lightyears ahead of Lufthansa but looking at what Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand etc. have done, they seriously need to modernize their cabin interiors in Eco/Premium Eco. Well, einem geschenkten Gaul usw. We arrived in Denver an hour late, but security and all that worked pretty well and we picked up our car from Avis. They gave us a nice upgrade, a completely fresh Subaru Outback, straight out of the factory. Nice. One of those cars that does everything by itself. 
The B&B was really nice and we dropped dead once we’d found the right parking lot … . Denver is a nice city, I must say. They have done some crazy and ugly things to their „mall“/“pedestrian zone“ area, but hey, that’s America for you. Apart from that, it was easy to find good food, walk around, enjoy the sun. It’s kind of a tradition to visit Botanic Gardens on each vacation and that’s what we did in Denver as well – really nice. Though very expensive too. Another thing to note about the US in comparison to Oz/NZ – everything costs money. 
Denver is also a rather walkable city, so we didn’t have to move the car for the first two days, which was good.  The people in Denver seem to have an anal fixation, at least I cannot find any other explanation for this: 
Another thing that we really enjoyed – especially coming from the shithole of shitholes, Berlin in Germany – was the cleanliness of the place. Not only Denver, all of Colorado and Utah was really, really clean. Like. No rubbish, no dogshit. Looks like the Germans are simply too fucking stupid to get this done.