Iron Sky Tour 2012, V

2012-07-23 Aus Von christiankohl
Mesa Verde. You can read all about it in Wikipedia, so I’m not going to repeat the obvious. It’s fascinating and really, really strange. First of all, it’s a rather long drive until you’ve reached the area where all the action is. There is, of course, a visitor center and you can book a ranger guided tour. So we booked the tour that promised the most excitement in terms of climbing and crawling. But I guess it’s all tailored to fat people. There was more safety talk and good advice than steps on the ladder … . Nevermind, still worth it and I even got to play deputy ranger, yee-ha motherfucker. 

I discovered another artifact – no, not Rommel, but Wooster!!! Much more friendly anyway.

So we did a couple of hours of hiking and that’s really nice, along the side of the cliffs and all, hot and sunny, nice desert flowers, interesting colours …

… and lizards. I LOVE LIZARDS! Nature Red in Tooth and Claw: