fuck cathay pacific

2012-12-18 Aus Von christiankohl

I really didn’t expect this to happen. We flew from HKG to SYD on Sunday evening. They served dinner shortly after takeoff. So far so good. Food didn’t look good, didn’t taste good, nothing like the stuff on the first leg. But I was famished and thought, hey, it’s airline food after all, not Gordon Ramsay, so I ate it. Big mistake. 90 minutes later I’m starting to feel sick. It was the most horrible flight of my life, I apparently even collapsed in the aisle when I tried to get to the toilet. Cathay, this is called FOOD POISONING and I will get you for this. I somehow made it into Sydney and then basically spent all of Monday in a strange, dreamlike state. After vomitting it all out late in the evening I felt better and could even sleep last night. So today I have started to eat and drink again and am recovering. So for no more vomitting, bowel movements seem to be almost normal. Now sitting in the Qantas lounge, they have huge iMacs and I have plenty of time, so I can file complaints with Cathay and post negative reviews in all the forums I now. Maybe I will shit in front of their counter on the return flight, little present from Germany. I mean, seriously, this was the vegetarian food option, no meat, no fish, no eggs even – how can you manage to get that wrong? Fuck you. Off to Auckland in a few minutes and hopefully no more disturbances. Cheers!

Sydney, btw, was beautiful they tell me, nice weather, not that I saw much of it.