I’m so bored with the USA

2013-04-28 Aus Von christiankohl

Can you believe it? After one week on Hawaii I have to say: it sucks. The weather is great, the landscape is beautiful in most parts, the fruits taste great, so why am I so pissed off? Well, it’s even worse than Germany, everything is totally overregulated, everything is verboten, verboten, verboten because these sick and timid bastards are either worried about the LIABILITIES or are making sure that nobody crosses THEIR LAND. THEIR PROPERTY. No fucking trespassing. That’s most important. So you can’t hike anywhere. Fucking idiots. Fucking idiots. Fucking idiots. And the nice beaches? Forget it. We have not been able to get to any beach yet. It’s all blocked by the ugly mega resorts. Fucking idiots.

So we do what all Americans do: drive. Holiday in a fucking car. Get fat and die.