Finally, some fun

2013-05-05 Aus Von christiankohl

kauaipoipupoHinterher ist man immer schlauer. If I had known what I know now I would have limited our stay on Big Island to four days and spent more time on Kauai. This is much more „hawaiish“, much more to my liking. Gazillions of hiking trails and they are not closed because of „American Angst“ or privatization. Nice!

I just coined a new term here, „American Angst“ and I’m gonna define that in a couple of days when I have  a decent keyboard again.

So far, Kauai is the highlight of the trip. Koke’e State Park is great, as is the Waimea Canyon. And if you get up really early you can catch even a few minutes without clouds and rain. 🙂

Last day is coming up, more canyon hikes tomorrow morning, then a quick drive to the North shore, and then off back home in the evening. Can’t wait to get back to work. Now wait a minute, that’s entirely untrue. The good thing is, I’ll be back Tuesday night, work on Wednesday, and then Thursday and Friday are off-days again, public holidays rule! 🙂