Brave New World

2013-10-04 Aus Von christiankohl

For a couple of years I have been thinking about getting myself one of those tablet devices. For various reasons I never did, and I’m glad. The thing is, the two only advantages I see in a tablet are quick boot/wake-up time and size/weight. The major disadvantage is that I can’t really work efficiently without a keyboard. So, I got myself an ultrabook instead. SSD makes wake-up nearly as fast as a tablet (to me the difference is insignificant), the device itself is not much bigger or heavier than a tablet with keyboard (again, to me the difference is insignificant), and it runs a full operating system, has a real keyboard and USB ports. So ultrabook for me it is. If you compare the prices, a tablet with a decent storage, screen, and keyboard is also nearly as expensive as an ultrabook. After all these years, I still haven’t seen any real use case except „couch surfing“ for most tablets. And I refuse to spend 300+ euros on couch surfing. Wen das außer mir interessiert? Niemanden. Aber wtf.