Dutch treat

2014-02-07 Aus Von christiankohl

We had another one day and a half after Geraldine before our flight to AKL on Sunday (I triple checked the time *g*) and decided to give the region North of CHC a chance, especially since it’s not featured in any guidebook or anything. And what a great choice that was. Again we had hit the only sunny spot in a 200k radius and discovered a beautiful stretch of coastline. Nice cliffs, lonely beaches, good surf. Not too bad. Just 45mins from the airport and no one around. We stayed at a Dutch run brand-new and immaculately clean motel on the road to the beach in Amberley and then explored the coast a little bit.

The flight to AKL was uneventful, I just love flying domestic in NZ because it’s so relaxed, normal, without the bullshit pseudo security hustle and hectic. Fuck airport security in the rest of the world. Fuck you all, especially your fucking ridiculous liquid bullshit fucking regulations. Fuck you. That just had to get out I guess. 🙂

In AKL the weather was brilliant, we picked up our car and headed East to Mt Maunganui, which we had decided on on a whim (and based on the weather forecast). We took the more scenic road skirting the South of the Coromandel and arrived in time to check out the monster beach in the afternoon sun and witness another stunning sunset. We stayed close to the ocean beach at a place called Seagulls, which I can recommend wholeheartedly. Very clean, well run, quiet. And if some of the guests had been raised better by their parents, we all would have been able to enjoy the kitchen even more. But hey, they were all hurensöhne and töchter anyway. Sad but true, it was the Germans again who were most annoying. Especially German women in their twenties seem to think that the rest of humanity exists purely to serve them. While in fact they are just spoiled brats in dire need of a workout, judging by the amount of body fat they are sporting. Well, at least they’ll die early, I hope.

Mt Maunganui is very touristy, which is why I had always avoided the place so far. But the beach is sooooo long that you don’t notice the other people around. Only the patch of beach close to the mount is busy as are two or three blocks of streets, the rest is more or less the usual NZ solitude and relaxedness. Nice. Great surf too, so I could finally put my new board to the water. Btw, we named it Harald. 🙂 the beach is equally great for running and working out, so really the perfect spot for me.

And no one was masturbating, at least not visibly. Why does the keyboard algorithm always want to spell the verb ‚mastubating‘ with a capital M? Why does it always suggest ‚ducking‘ when I type ‚fucking‘? Is that some overzealous AmeriKKKan piece of code? Answers, anybody?

Coming back to religion because I was asked whether I was kidding in my last post or not. I was not. Being religious and believing in and abiding by the rules of whatever god or gods is a weakness of character like smoking, a sign of limited intellect and most of the times just a front for hiding criminal activities like tax evasion, child molestation or drug abuse. Not too mention the facts that they smell funny, have a shit taste in music and movies, and are hypocritical cunts and motherfuckers in general. Word.