Eco Hippies from Outer Space

2014-02-10 Aus Von christiankohl

After three fantastic days in Whakatane I feel pretty safe to declare that this is probably really my favorite spot in NZ, Ohope Beach to be precise. 11 perfect, glamourous, lovely, charming, inviting, … kilometres of sandy empty beach with great surf. What more could one wish for? Well, maybe heaps of great produce from the farms and orchards all around? Decently priced good quality accommodation? Some nice bushwalks? Great views? An active marine volcano on the doorstep? It’s all there, and last but certainly not least it’s the place with the most sunshine hours in NZ. So definitely LOVE.

We drove to over to the West coast today, to enjoy some black sand beaches and have based ourselves in Raglan for a couple of days. Great thing about the hostel here is they offer yoga lessons at 3pm in the afternoon, perfectly aligned with the tide currently. 🙂

Got some more hot pics for you as well. Sunrise at Ohope Beach this morning, absolutely stunning!