2014-02-23 Aus Von christiankohl

Singapore. Back after 13yrs. Finally. I love this city, walking from restaurant to restaurant, exploring food stalls, eating the day away. Definitely my cup of tea. And the botanic gardens, the bird park, the bay gardens, etc. Perfect spot for a long layover, especially at 35 degrees. 🙂 and even the super skeptical and at times slightly xenophobic reisebegleitung likes it (although she’s currently sorting through the contents of her Tom kha ghai soup, fishing out mushrooms she doesn’t like, to quote: „Pilze sollten immer nur einen Hut haben, Pilze mit zwei hüten übereinander sollte man nicht essen.“ irgendwo gibt es bestimmt ein Buch mit mecklenburgischen Lebensweisheiten.). So we’re roaming about the city, will go back to the airport round sunset, go for a swim at the rooftop pool (another reason why Changi is simply the best airport) and then hop onto the A380 for the second leg to Frankfurt.