It’s concert season

2014-12-07 Aus Von christiankohl
It seems to be a characteristic of the last couple of weeks before the end of the year that thousands of bands are on tour and you need a secretary to schedule and manage all those dates.
I’ve already posted my disappointment about the fucking velodrome on fuckbook. Rise Against were great but the sound was shit, so overall a big disaster and another location to add to the no-go list. The postbahnhof is on that list as well. Cheers!
Last night we were at the columbiahalle at the Trailerpark record release party. Sexualethisch desorientiert. The sound was not good, but not as bad as in the velodrome. I still don’t understand why all these locations in Berlin struggle with the sound so much. Nevermind, the show was still a lot of fun, very silly as expected. 
Today Aufbau West and then my personal highlight of the year on Tuesday. Kreator. Roaaaaaaaar.