Unbelievable pt 2

2015-04-11 Aus Von christiankohl

Well, the BA and Tegel airport morons really managed to fuck this up. My luggage never left the airport but could not be retrieved since a) too much personnel is on sick leave and b) those that are working really don’t want to work too hard. Take it easy, because THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK about you.

When I look at these people, how they performed, what kind of „service“ they delivered … I can only say that I hope robots will do their jobs rather sooner than later. If these guys were animals you would have to put them down because they are fucking useless. Fucking useless morons, fuck you BA and fuck you Globe Ground. If I were a farmer I would gather all the manure in a giant truck and deliver it to you doorstep. You are a fucking disgrace. No more BA ever.

Period. At least I’ll get to enjoy the nice spring weather at home and avoid airline food and entertainment.