Beautiful rainforest

2015-05-04 Aus Von christiankohl

Long time no write. Was too busy doing nothing. ☺ looks like our timing was perfect, we left Brisbane on Thursday when it had already started to rain like crazy, and they seem to be plagued with heavy rains and winds ever since. Whilst we are enjoying the tropical dry season up here in the north. Brilliant weather. Before I go on to rave about the rainforest and all that one severe word of disappointment about the car rental company, East coast car rentals. The booking form gave the impression that pickup and drop off where at the airport, but it turned out to be in town. Which just takes precious time away from my vacation. I wouldn’t have rented with them had I known this before. Well, can’t be helped, but of course a Hitler rating of 1 out of 10 only.

Back to nicer things. We didn’t stay in Cairns at all and drove immediately up to Mossman where we stayed at a truly fabulous B&B, the Mossman Gorge B&B. Absolutely fantastic, one of the nicest places we’ve ever stayed at. And you actually get a very good breakfast as well. A bit sad that I need to mention this explicitly but we’ve seen quite a few B&Bs in the last years where breakfast was practically non-existent, cheap white flabby toast, single serve cheap colored sugar paste they call jam etc etc etc. But not here! Fruit salad with local produce, lovely home made jams and passionfruit butter, home made Greek yoghurt and more. Me likes very much. Add to this a beautiful and extremely clean room, friendly and knowledgeable hosts, what more could you ask for? Maybe a beautiful verandah facing the rainforest where you can sit and watch and listen to the many beautiful birds that live there? Enough now, but believe me, it’s a beautiful place worth staying at. The Gorge itself is a bit disappointing since there’s only a very short walking track available (I’m not a fan of dreamtime whatever guided tours) and you have to use their shuttle bus from the visitor center to the Gorge proper. But it’s still a beautiful rainforest and if you get there early enough you’ll even manage to avoid the noisy crowds that chase all the wildlife away. In the afternoon we went for a short cruise on the daintree river, very small solar powered boat, no noise, lots of crocs 🐊 to see. Should I ever be reborn I wanna be reborn as a big saltie. Das ist der lifestyle, Alter.