Birds galore

2015-05-05 Aus Von christiankohl

Next day, we went on a full day guided tour to see all those lovely birds up close. Fantastic, the guide, Del Richards (fine feather tours, mossman), probably knows everything about australian birds and then some more. Especially where and how and when to find them. We went to a number of places, from rainforest to savannah, and saw a ton of birds. Along with the very interesting explanations from Del. One highlight was not really bird related though: we went to this very posh golf course next to the Pullman hotel in Port Douglas because it has a little lake with some birds around and in it. Turns out there’s another inhabitant to that lake – a middle-aged saltie. ☺ apparently, some golfers have actually been bitten in the past when trying to rescue their balls from the lake. Nature red in tooth and claw. 😁