Chabos wissen wer der Babo ist

2015-05-07 Aus Von christiankohl

Driving through the beautiful Tablelands. Stereo is playing Anthrax from the good old days. Antisocial. Ich so zur Reisebegleitung: „Kann man sich kaum vorstellen, dass sowas damals als hart und schnell galt.“ Sie so: „Fußball war ja auch langsamer in den 80ern als heute.“ point taken. Gibt es da einen Zusammenhang?

Kuranda must be one of the ugliest places in the world. I mean the village and its concept, not the surroundings. I desperately want to pump Haftbefehl at maximum volume whilst cruising the through town, but the stereo ain’t working. Fuck me, that never happened to 2Pac and Biggie I bet.

But I messed up the chronological order. Must be the climate. 😁 We spent a whole day on the other side on the Daintree the river. Beautiful ancient rainforest, very little in terms of civilization. We stayed at the daintree rainforest retreat, a nice motel with very friendly staff. Good onion. We started early and were well ahead of the crowds. This must get pretty ugly later in the day or during high season, but we were pretty much alone. We tried out both ice cream places and, alas, don’t believe the hype. The floraville ice cream is OK, but not great. Too sweet for our taste. The daintree ice cream company rated a little better, but they only sell their ice cream in larger portions, so we could both sample only one flavour. Good stuff, but expensive. None of them come even close to vanille und marille in Berlin though.

The daintree itself is magnificent and also makes you appreciate the invention of deet. 😁 lovely lovely lovely. I wouldn’t stay longer than one day though. We left for Atherton and the Tablelands next.

Aber nochmal ganz weit zurück in der Zeit. Was hat das alles mit der Überschrift zu tun? Bis hierher nichts. Aber ich würde so gerne in Dingo (heißt wirklich so, das Kaff) vorbeifahren und den wannabe Cowboys mal aufs Maul geben. Was sind die mir vor 15 Jahren auf den Sack gegangen. Würde die echt gerne nochmal treffen. 💪 oder generell mal in einem schönen outback Pub einen Cowboy angraben. 😋

Egal, die Sonne scheint und nothing else matters.