Kill all campervans

2015-05-22 Aus Von christiankohl

I think I’ve said this a million times already but I’ve got to repeat it again and again: the world would be a much better place if all campervans would just vanish, cease to exist. Instant world peace, no more hunger, diseases etc etc.

We took our leave from Mission Beach and drove to Clifton Beach, North of Cairns. Here we were pleasantly surprised again, probably the best value for money accommodation on this trip in Oz. We had a very spacious, well equipped and clean apartment close to the beach, Clifton Bay Sands Apartments. Nice beach, too. Pretty empty, good long stretch for running and exercising. And close to the pretty tropical zoo, which we visited as well to still the reisebegleitung’s desire for cute furry animals. ☺

We also did a nice hike in the Barron Gorge NP in the morning, Glacier rock via Douglas track. Nice walk, beautiful views from the top. I cannot help but shake my head though at the categorization and estimated walking times the Aussies give for their hikes. We’ve done quite a few now in the first two weeks and we only needed a third of the time at most! And we were taking it slow, taking pictures etc. I think this is quite dangerous actually, because after a while you don’t take them seriously any more and might just ignore the one warning that you should have heeded. In some regards they are really out-cautioning the Americans here.

Be as it may, we discovered two frightfully good cafés in Palm cove and flew over to Darwin the next day. Goodbye QLD, hello NT!