Wrap up

2015-05-31 Aus Von christiankohl

Darwin is a nice little city, lots of great food to be discovered. And of course Lake Alexander! A saltwater lake, no crocs, no jellyfish. And pretty much no one around. Great place to hang out for a siesta and a swim. I had a very nice Laksa at a downtown foodcourt, too. Darwin is nice and cozy enough, the only thing I can’t stand are those dirty, smelly tourist hippies with their disgusting vans parked at every beach. Brrrrrr. Gotta hate those guys.

We had a late (9pm) flight out of Darwin to Bali and I checked the official airport website as well as advice from the locals – yes, there are public showers at the airport. Well, turns out that the airport officials don’t know about them and deny their existence. Only after I had gone through some interesting moves to wash off salt and sunscreen from my face and arms and head in the toilet’s wash basin did I finally discover another toilet with a door to a shower. Not signposted though. But it’s there, I assure you. Darwin airport sucked because we went through security as usual, then picked up a big bottle of water since we had a lot of time to kill and were thirsty as hell. Turns out you have to go through fucking security again to get to the gate. So we had to ditch the fucking bottle and buy another one after the second fucking security – at a ridiculous price of course.

AirAsia was extremely efficient, they boarded the flight in no time. The plane wasn’t too clean, but we didn’t really care, they got us to Bali in one piece and the pilot didn’t even have to ask for directions.

Bali was very interesting. We wanted a few days of beach and surf, and that we got. It was shoulder season and we were a bit outside the main Mallorca action, so we had a great time, but I would not want to visit the place in main season. We had some Aussie Herrenmenschen on the plane already and if it weren’t for the witnesses and would have punched this fat bastards face right back to Oz. Disgusting prick. But I digress. We had a beautiful suite at Puri Cendana Resort in Seminyak, maisonette style, very quiet, very spacious, very clean. And beautifully designed, old-fashioned Balinese style, not modern hotel architecture. And just 3 minutes from the beach. The beach itself was ok, good waves, obviously cleaned regularly, but there was a bit of plastic garbage floating in the water. But I guess all the trash we produce daily has to end up somewhere in the end … . I’d originally planned to sample as many Warungs as possible, but then we stumbled upon Zula Vegetarian Paradise. And their food was so good that we ate there all the time. Amazing quality, very friendly people. And though the prices are probably unaffordable for the locals, it was still very very cheap for us Westerners. (Auto correction suggested Westeros – looks like it’s been taken over by Daenerys Targaryen. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind either. 😉 ) All in all, I thought it would be dirtier and more chaotic – it gets dirtier when you venture outside the main tourist streets but still not really worse than Berlin in summer. :-/

Another AirAsia flight delivered us to Singapore on Saturday morning. I really really like this city since coming there for the first time fifteen years ago. Yes, yes, I know, police state etc etc. I don’t care, the food is awesome, the people are friendly, the city is so energetic, has so many beautiful spots. And the weather is great, of course. We stayed at a brandnew hotel, the Parkroyal on Pickering. Amazing. Beautiful. That’s what modern architecture should produce instead of those boring glass-concrete prisons.