Umbaupause No More

2015-06-09 Aus Von christiankohl
Went to see Faith No More at the Zitadelle last Saturday. Shared a totally cramped UBahn with lots of Barca fans (and some Arsenal supporters, wtf?). Nice. Sweat. Beer. Male cuddling and jiffing going on. Rrrrrrrrrr. Arrived at Zitadelle to find that the Umbaupause was still going on … and on … and on and on and on for another hour. Extremely unprofessional and annoying. Especially because I knew that they have to stop at 10pm. So they started at 8:55pm. Great. No value for money here. Contrary to expectations, the sound was fantastic. Good job. Great musicians. Good show. But I had forgotten why never go to festivals of any kind – I don’t like the atmosphere. Or rather the lack of it. Felt like listening to music on very expensive headphones at the dentist. Well, a smoking and beer-drinking-stinking dentist, but still. The stage deco didn’t really help, all in white with flowers everywhere, bit like a scientology funeral. Not that I’ve ever been to one.