Oh Canada

2015-07-24 Aus Von christiankohl

🍁 the maple leaf.

Canada day one. It’s raining. Apparently they had a really hot summer until, well, I arrived. 😁 when we arrived yesterday evening our lovely airbnb hosts told us about the drought and that they were on water rationing. Well, I guess we don’t have to worry about taking long showers any more now.

But still, very nice up here. We had the most relaxing flight ever and are now probably spoiled for life. First class. Rocks. Have to admit that I could very much get used to this. But I’m afraid it’s probably gonna remain a once in a lifetime experience. Still worthwhile. Now here’s the confession: guess what I enjoyed most about it? It wasn’t the concorde room lounge with fine dining etc. It wasn’t the comfy seats / beds on the plane, the great service, the delicious food, the pralines, the nice video screen, the fact that we we’re first at immigration and baggage claim. No, no, I’m a very bad person at heart so here’s the truth, and nothing but. I was chatting to this nice elderly lady while waiting for the gate to open and then we walked down the gangway and then there’s the turnoff for the special dedicated entry for first class. And I admit that I felt extremely good turning very casually into that entry way and very casually wishing her a nice flight. 😁

So there you go.

Arrival at yvr was great, there was really not a single person in front of us at immigration, we sped through the airport, picked up our tiny car and were on the road to Squamish! And it was a beautiful drive while the sun was setting. We arrived with the last light in Squamish, had a brief chat with our hosts and then fell asleep. Today will be a rain day apparently, but that’s not to bad, we’ll sample the local cafés, stretch our legs a bit and then attack one of more challenging hikes on Saturday.