Land of the processing fees AND home of the brave

2015-08-02 Aus Von christiankohl

This was actually the first time I’ve entered the USA, aka God’s own country, via car. And I cannot recommend it. In addition to having to pay for the bloody esta, which you always have to have of course, we had to pay 6usd processing fee each. Just another example of how they like to rip off visitors. But hey, it all goes to charity or at least pays another overweight security cowboy’s salary. So we are of course glad to contribute to that. And you have to appreciate the effort they’re making, all the guys in armored tactical vests carrying big guns, walking around with so much swagger. Guarding the extremely dangerous Canadian border at Vancouver. I totally see the point, I bet there are incursions by armed terrorists and drug dealers multiple times a day from such a dangerous and unstable place like Canada. If it wasn’t for the boys in blue, the USA would have long been overrun by hordes of beady eyed Canadians.