2015-08-08 Aus Von christiankohl

Portland, I meant Portland, tobruk is just an anagram, right?

So, we had a fabulous time in pdx. Great food, nice people. Our favorite hike was to twisted falls in the Columbia River gorge. It’s crowded on the first two miles but empties out afterwards. And you can just knock people off the path and into the gorge if they’re in your way, saves the American economy millions in health benefits and pensions.

Favorite eating place was Harlow’s. Across the road from our B&B, great food and drinks, nice people, good service. We loved their hot chocolate, the best I’ve had so far in the northwest. Dark chocolate and coconut milk. Nothing else. Yummy. We’ll be missing you! Also very great is Kure juice just down the road, recommend the little wings smoothie. ☺