We heart Calico Cupboard Old Town Cafe and Bakery

2015-08-10 Aus Von christiankohl

On our way from Mossyrock to Vancouver BC we experienced the great American dream, traffic jams galore.  Great to see all those eco conscious Seattle hipsters taking their suvs for a drive to shop two vegan gluten-free potatoes. Or something like that. So we we were royally pissed off by the time we had passed Everett. One of the longest jams was caused by people gawking at the accident that had happened on the other side of the road. Great. So we were angry and hungry and really needed a toilet break, too. We got off at Mt Vernont and stopped at the Calico Cupboard Old Town Cafe and Bakery. I was skeptical at first, it’s hidden away in a parking lot at the end of the road. So not a good starting position for this cafe,  but what a pleasant surprise. Wonderful location. Friendly staff, good service. And excellent food. Our mood was instantly transformed from grumpy and wanting to kill American hipster suv Nazis to extremely happy and well fed (and wanting to kill American hipster suv nazis). ☺ I had an excellent veggie burger and the reisebegleitung Linda’s ex husbands hash or sth like that. Very good. And, then, I ordered the raspberry cinnamon roll which was huge and warm and tasted great and was full of liquid cinnamon and raspberries and and and transformed my life. I’m now a better person. Really that good! Must have. Bliss.

From there on it was just a short drive to the border, very relaxed Canadians, no waiting time and off to our room in kilantro. We took a nice stroll along the beach and Jericho Park (named after Chris Jericho of course, the Canadian Crippler) in the evening, then I discovered a Nepalese restaurant and had a fabulous chili tofu dish for dinner. And some blenz hot chocolate, too.