The times, they are a-changing

2015-10-02 Aus Von christiankohl

Indeed. I will be changing jobs soon and I’m very excited to see what the future holds in store for me. More once things have settled down and the ink has dried.

In the meantime I’m writing this on a national express bus from Heathrow to Bristol. Why Bristol? Because it’s only 50 minutes by train to Cardiff. And the hotel rooms in Cardiff are ca 20 times more expensive than in Bristol. No kidding, cheapest room was around 750euros. Why Cardiff? Because of the architecture? The language? The culture? No fucking way. It’s the Rugby World Cup, stupid. And tonight the All Blacks are playing Georgia in a group stage match at the Millennium Stadium. ☺ And we have tickets. And a nice long weekend. ☺ And, probably quite important as well, we get the fuck out of Germany and especially Berlin for the fucking disgusting national holiday celebrations.
Tomorrow night btw England is playing Australia, will be a nice evening at the pub watching this match, see how the English handle their penalty kicks this time. 😁