Bomber Harris, we need you to come back and „visit“ us again, please!

2015-11-09 Aus Von christiankohl

Goodbye Germany. Yesterday showed that the fascists are gaining the upper hand, protected by the police as usual. Very sad to see this happening, especially in the middle of Berlin. In parallel to that, the established parties are passing the laws their stormtroops on the ground demand – while they of course deny that they’re on their side. But we judge you by your actions, not by your words, and those actions tell us that all of those in power right now would have fit in really well in the 1930s … .

Please, we need Allied troops to come back before it’s too late, again. 

The world needs to realize that Germany will never change, the majority of people here will always be xenophobe, racist scumbags. And while there has been no „real war“ in the last 70 years, it is simply because Germany was more clever this time – they waged an economic war on the „eurozone“ and they won. You can see the results quite clearly, especially since Maastricht II has been in force – whilst their is widespread poverty in countries like Greece, Portugal etc., Germany is gorging on wealth and profit. Very effective, very „peaceful“.

Deutschland muss sterben, damit wir leben können.